1" S-Shaped Silver Wire Hook Hangers (95 Pack)

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Make it part of your kitchen decor for hanging your cookware on your rack system.

A practical set of curved hangers to have in kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops, schools and many business. They are the right size as they can make a big impact on your projects without detracting any attention of the main focus. From art projects to home decor use. Great for DIY jewelry, hanging photos or other documents, clay sculptures, on wood coins, wood tags and other woodcrafts. The perfect addition to your arts & crafts tool box. Use the hooks to store your kitchenware on the wall and fit more into your cabinets and drawers. Hang cleaning supplies away from view and the heigh of children for safety. An ideal way to get rid of clutter in closets, kitchens, bathrooms, garages or other spaces. Versatile and handy for hanging wall decorations, these sturdy hooks can even hold clothes, purses, plants and more. 

Used for hanging items like jewelry, key, party lights, paper lanterns, pans & pots, other cookware.

Suitable for kitchenware, spoons, pans, pots, coffee mugs, bags, towels, plants, gardening tools, clothes and art projects. Use it for backyard BBQs for hanging the utensils like tongs and ire brushes. Get the job done when used as plants hangers. The S shape is suitable for hanging on existing objects without the need for screws and nails. An essential set to have by kitchen restaurants where everything from pots, pants, spoons and spatulas has its place. Have everything within your arms reach with this efficient storage solution where space is limited - Simply hang them on wall rails, shelves or plant pot racks.

Durable metal silver wire hooks, molded into an "S" shape for used for suspending objects.

Excellent size for suspending small items from photographs in a dark room, documents, art projects for drying wet paint or air drying other objects. Can even be used for suspending foam balls for science projects and dioramas school projects easily and securely. The metal wire hangers keeps unnecessary objects off your countertop while leaving ample space for every day use items. They are made of durable and easy to clean. Suited for use in closets, storage room, bathroom, garage, art workshops and even the office. use them in the garden or patio on hanging plant baskets and other partio decor.

This S hook solid, clean design serves purpose of improving organization.


  • Curved hangers securely hook the items and do not slide off easily.
  •  The round corners on both ends protect from scratching.



  • Extremely durable thanks to its 17 gauge wire material.
  • No craft box is complete with a highly versatile accessory that goes with various array of creative projects.
  • These small s-shaped silver wire hooks each measure a standard length of 1" inch in length. 
  • Every order includes a package of 95 silver s-shaped hooks.

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