BULK Round Unfinished 1.5" Wood Cutout Circles Chips for Arts & Crafts Projects, Board Game Pieces, Ornaments (5,000 Pieces/50Bags of 100pc)

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Use for creating jewelry, pins, game pieces, ornaments or other craft projects.

Turn these wood crafts into useful birthday gift decorations, thank you gift tags, for wine gift baskets, wedding gift tags and even bridal shower gift ideas by drilling a small hole on the top and adding a twine or ribbon. These wood slices sdd that  extra special and thoughful decorative touch with embellishments to compliment themes in Fall, Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations. The smooth wooden discs make fun holiday activites for the entire family to gather around when decorating them.

Each side is already smooth for convenience for easy painting or staining.

Great as classroom rewards, pair with stickers for kids, and even makes the ideal rustic wedding decorations. Pairs great for thanksgiving decorations, DIY art projects, crafts toy accessories, scrapbooking ideas, rustic decor, and birthday party favors. Turn a wedding into a western theme with wooden coasters, rustic party favors, with earth tone colors that resemble a barn and the outdoor. Glue on a small portrait photograph and a ribbonon or hook and make a Christmas ornament for a heart felt gift.

Unfinished wood is ready to be painted and decorated!


  • Have them ready in your art and craft supplies kit & for elementary school supplies.
  • Can even be used as replacement pieces for many  family board games.



  • They are a fitting a gift for your loved one on Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, or a child's play activity.
  • Use as pastime activity for a rainy day at home or a school recess playtime.

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