5.5" Clear Big Plastic Acrylic Shells Molding Balls (140mm) (12 Pack)

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Essential For Any DIY Giant Bath Bomb Project!

Large size crystal clear fillable containers for all your creative needs!

These round shaped ornament ball shells can open up to put objects or ingredients inside. Make them as colorful and full as you like. Each plastic round ball is equipped with a hook on top to easily hang whatever is inside with string, perfect for holiday decorating on Christmas trees. Perfect for making homemade birthday gifts, bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, party favors, and any type of gift box set for DIY kit enthusiasts! Any theme and holiday will work. Fill them with spooky, creepy and inventive Halloween decorations like pumpkin shaped candy. Use red leaves for Fall decorations or tiny sea shells for a relaxing nautical decor. These ornaments can open up to put small objects inside. Each rounded ornament measures at 140mm (5.5" inches) in diameter. Comes in a pack of 12 total clear ball ornaments.

From Paintings to confetti, These Round Ornament Shells Will Display It All!

clear fillable ornaments ball, 80mm Clear Ornaments, DIY Plastic Fillable Christmas Decorations

These acrylic round balls are the perfect casing for making DIY bath bombs, baking cupcake balls, painting, craft projects and more. Easy to snap open and close, each bath bomb molding shell is made up of 2 split plastic halves that make up one round bath bomb ball shell. Clear ornaments are also equipped with a hook on top to easily hang whatever is inside with string, twine, ribbon, or streamers. Easy to paint on as well which makes them a fun choice to make classroom decorations all year long. Made of heavy gauge plastic for durability.

Made of heavy gauge plastic, a luxurious & almost glass-like material.

Tree Balls Baubles Craft Transparent Ball Gifts, bath bomb mold, DIY Ornament Balls

Whether you are looking for a fun activity to do with your children during the holidays, family nights or simply want something to help you relax, these plastic molding balls are here to help. Make the most luscious bath bombs with these round plastic snap-open molds! They are easy to fill, safe with any oils, and clear to see. They make perfect wedding decorations, centerpieces and birthday party ideas for a quinceanera, sweet 16 and baby shower decor. Show off the main selected color scheme with its easy to see plastic and fill them with yellow decor, pink decor and blue decor to fit your desired look.

Makes for a perfect globe arts and crafts project!

Clear Fillable Baubles Craft, New Years Present Holiday Wedding Party Home Decor


  • Make the perfect set of homemade bath bombs free of any small air holes!
  • Easy to pour in your favorite ingredients for a baking recipe, a bath bomb recipe or xmas ornaments.


Bath Bomb Molds Clear Plastic, Bath Bomb Mold Set


  • From a snow globe for a holiday ornament decoration, to an educational earth planet globe science project for the classroom, these round balls are ready for all your creative needs!


Small Ball Globe Shape Clear Transparent Hanging Glass Vase Flower, Plants Terrarium Vase Container


  • Each rounded ornament/bath bomb shell measures at 140mm (5.5" inches) in diameter.
  • Every package includes a kit of 12 molding balls per order.

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