Small Clear Plastic Mini Funnels (12 Pack)

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Works well with any form of liquid as well as small objects such as sand and similar substances.


An essential for a health and wellness company where the majority of products are packaged in narrow glass dropper bottles and need to be filled accuratley. Use them with amber or blue colored glass bottles where they can be used as dispensers for medicine cabinet items, home made serums, essential oil bottles, storing perfumes, chemistry lab chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other apothecary products. These funnels fit all sizes of bottles and lip balm tubes. They are fit for essential oils, ice balls, small samples of perfume liquid emulsion and sand art. Use them for art projects like filling hour glass bottles with fine colored sand with sea shells for a nautical theme centerpieces for a beach party or wedding theme. Tiny separatory funnel work wonders in science classrooms where daily activities will use them in bulk. They will insure precise pouring in jars, laboratory beakers, graduated cylinders, and lab experiment test tubes. Perfect for transporting liquids quickly and accurately, used for rebottling, adding ingredients to a mixture, jams and syrups to storage containers.


Easy for perfectly portioned dispensing of fluids.

These tiny funnels can be used with eye dropper bottles - making it easy to show samples to clients in your massage, beauty shop, hair salon, aromatherapy and alternative medicine practice. They are very useful when fillinga easy dispensing ear or eye drops jars. Easy to store in kitchen cabinets; easy to clean by simply washing with soapy water after use. The wide opening allow easy air passing during filling. No more wasting precious essential oils or a powder mess when pouring spices into small jars when baking. Make it a flask funnel or a funnel set for your home bar or kitchen for mixed drinks. Save more from spilling pricey liquor filling your flask or other clear bottles with pour spouts. Use it as an oil funnel when refilling oil oil bottles or bottles down to the smallest essential oils mini vials containers.

No more struggling to fill up small bottles.

If you make some organic homemade oils, or cosmetic treatments by mixing chemicals with these mini clear plastic funnels, the bulk package will come in handy for a home business. Practical canning funnel for liquids & dry ingredients. Smooth seamless one-piece construction is ideal for liquids or dry goods. Great time-saver and mess-reducer for home, garage, restaurants or coffee shops. Use for fast and clean transferring fluid, liquids, dry goods, spices, powders, small-grained ingredients, or seeds for spice racks or pantry. Fill roll-on bottles, spray bottles, containers, cruets, jars, narrow-necked flasks, tubes, or vials. Ends waste and eliminates everyday messes. Made for residential and commercial use. 

Compact size for handling all sorts of liquids and dry ingredients.


  • Put some craft supplies through these funnels to spray and sprinkle some fun decorations onto any craft project.
  • Works well with sand, glitter, and other small accessories.



  • Fill up a small bottle with new perfume or some essential oils with no hassle, thanks to these durable mini plastic funnels.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 clear mini plastic funnels.



  • Clear plastic funnels measure 2" inches tall, 1/4" inch wide opening at the top, and 1 3/4" inches wide at the bottom opening.
  • Easy to store, they can be nested or hanged.

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