Sports Ball Bag Drawstring Mesh (30" x 40" Inches)

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Play Sports Without Worrying About The Extras!


It also makes the perfect mesh laundry bag with. Multi-purpose bag can also be used for clothing like jerseys, water sports equipment like fins and flippers, beach toys and campings supplies! For sports like football, soccer, boxing, basketball, golf, martial arts, karate, taekwondo, boxing, Jiu Jitsu.  Easily swing bag over your shoulder or across your chest for easy and comfortable transport. Effortlessly set up for practice and training. Breathable, see-through material allows all equipment and gear to stay fresh and prevent bacteria build up. This Heavy duty Sports equipment ball bag is the professional choice of equipment bag for all your sports equipment bag needs. The bag is water resistant and will not carry extra water weight. Its webbing is not only flexible which holds all sizes of equipment, but can also withstand the wear & tear from dragging on the ground.


Makes for functional hamper bag, laundry bag, and college laundry bag for all your clothing that needs washing.

Black nylon-mesh ball bag is perfect for sports equipment, beach trips, events, and much more! Holds anything from balls for team practice to swimming gear and camping supplies. The extra thick drawstring opening not only makes access to your equipment easy, but also provides a secure and tight closure. A practical equipement bag to use when camping as a camping backpack, which ensures your personal items are protected from unexpected elements. It also makes a useful gym equipment bag for your home gym setup and accessories.

Perfect mesh bag for placing all your sports balls.

A black mesh and light weight equipment ball bag for many uses. The mesh construction allows you to see the contents easily so you know exactly what is stored inside. The mesh provides the important added feature that it allows air to flow through the bag which helps to eliminate any dampness and odors from building up.  From coaches to players, adults to youth, the adjustable carrying strap allows everyone to use it with ease. The tough stitching makes the material practical for constant everyday use.

Equipped with a drawstring closure.


  • This ball bag is equipped with a nylon shoulder strap, which makes a useful portable option for transporting sports balls and other equipment.
  • You never have to chase down that one and only ball that rolled away or stop the game after each point.



  • Made of a black colored nylon-mesh material, this expandable equipment bag is sure to hold up throughout any rigorous training.
  • Equipped with a drawstring closure. Perfect for sporting gear like balls, cones, uniforms for football, baseball, soccer, and more.
  • Bag measures 30" inches x 40" inches, enough for more than 10 soccer balls or 10 basketballs!
  • It is the one bag you will ever need for all your sports and outdoor events.

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