Assorted Foam Toy Swords for Children with Different Designs Including Ninja, Pirate, Warrior, and Viking (8 Pack)

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Soft but durable product encourages kids to be energetic and creative while allowing them to play safely.

When it is time for some hand-to-hand blade action, these hot new toys are the ones you seek! Makes the perfect prize for kids at birthdays, for Halloween props, and as party favors for adults. Fake foam toy kids toys safe play for young boys and girls. Design styles are inspired from pirate, knights, ninja and viking weaponry. Use these hot toys as haunted house props and Halloween decorations. Each foam sword measures from 15" to 17" in length. Suited for ages 3 and up. Pair these with fun favorites like sports balls with other novelty toys, pool toys, water guns, and other novelty birthday party favors. A set includes a dynamic arsenal of safe plastic weapons. This set is also a perfect prop for a play or a student film. Also incorporate these weapon replicas into your Halloween stealth ninja costume.

Makes the perfect prize kids at birthday partys.

Makes for an imaginative outdoor playtime at home, rainy day activities, birthday party games, and a Halloween costume party. A set of stylized toy foam swords kids toys for fun medieval play time. Each toy sword is constructed with different felt colors and cut in various styles. From red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black and grey. Styles include ninja swords, pirate scimitar, medieval, knights, samurai katana and flames patterns. Pretend play weapons encourage make believe and imagination through role play for castle adventures at home, the backyard, at the park and even school plays and theater props for children with the assorted toy set.

Foam toys that are safe for pretend play.

With a variety of 8 unique sword designs including ninja, pirate, warrior, and viking swords. Fun and colorful set of 8 foam swords. Essential in your birthday party supplies for your next backyard barbecue, beach party and many kids party games. A 'Knights of the round table' pretend play style with your friends awaits with this party favor toy set. A set of stylized toy foam swords kids toys for fun medieval play time. Slash your competitors with these active fun toy foam swords. A fun warrior weapons toy set for kids makes for a comfortable and safe way to pretend play with others. (Recommended for ages 3+)

Perfect for Halloween costume weapons.


  • These kids toys are perfect for school plays, theater props, pirate Halloween costumes and party games child's play activity swimming pool toys.
  • Pirate cutlass compliments a child's pirate costume.



  • Light weight and soft enough for play fight battles since the toy swords are made of thin layered felt material.
  • Make a great kids warrior knight Halloween costume.



  • Each foam sword measures at 15" to 17" in length.
  • Comfortable, light weight and safe for small children.
  • Have them in a kids toy box along with ninja toys, pirate toys and birthday party favors.

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