Plastic Magic Wand Black & White Stick

Plastic Magic Wand Black & White Stick

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Multi functional durable wand suitable for magic performances and a great gift for kids.

Find the inner magic inside of you with the most recognizable prop for any magician is the classic magic wand. The magic wand allows anyone to perform illusionnary spells or make objects dissapear. A classic staple in magic shows to captivate the audience. Jumbo playing cards are a fun alternative to traditional playing cards as they make a suited pairing for a magician set. Use it to decorate a carnival, circus or casino themed birthday party. Fit for chalkboard pointing, casino theme decor, party favors, and party decorations. Time gather the entire family for fun nights. Perfect for las vegas decorations theme, novelty gifts, birthday party favors and much more! Turn it into a funny gimmick play magic trick kid show prop with a bulk package of magician costume sets. Abra Kadabra! This black magic wand is a key instrument for any young illusionist. The traditional magic wand can be used to direct an audience's attention, help with your illusions and by tapping your tricks it can even be used to create the magic itself. 

Not only for magicians but for performers and for fun.


A fun addition to your Halloween costume, these plastic wands are perfect accessories for dress up play, magician costumes and more. These kids toys are a fantastic pairing for game day school rewards and prizes for children. The one and only active hot toys kids will love and remember. These are the hot toys to have for novelty gag toys. If you’re throwing a magic-themed party, hand these out as fun party favors and prizes. Have a magic wand appears at your fingertips!


Traditional magic wand design of black and white.

Add more to the fun with child friendly props that are designed for young hands and ideal for beginners like top hats, a black cape and white gloves. The magic stick also makes a fitting accessory for a full-on magician costume for Halloween. The magical costume kit is the perfect outfit for birthday parties, masquerades and Halloween festivities. Very delicate design and attractive magic trick prop for little children. Traditional magic wand design made of plastic.

See the magic for yourself!

  • The most important piece of equipment in a magician’s bag that also works just as well for wizards and witches.
  • This wand brings together a fantastic magic show for family and friends!
  • Entertaining accessory for props in photobooths at birthdays, weddings and school functions.
  • This package is perfect for a magician themed birthday party, or any dress up play event.
  • A simple black and white color. Designed with black plastic magic wand with white tips.
  • Magic baton measures at 10" inches long and 0.5" inch wide.

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