Children's Foam Toy Medieval Joust Sword & Shield Knights Set

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Makes the perfect pairing prize for kids party favor boxes, party favor bags, candy bags, and party favors for adults.

Make these giveaway hot toys the main highlight when enjoying an afternoon at the park or for those warm summer pool partys. A must for leisure sports in any game room. Makes the perfect pairing prize with kids party favor boxes, party favor bags, candy bags, and party favors for adults. Have these foam toy birthday party supplies ready for your next special event. These kids toys are the perfect companions for any game room and game day school rewards and prizes for children. This toy pirate sword foam rouser is the perfect product for any school or local teams with a pirate mascot. Long pirate foam rouser are great at concession stands so every fan has the perfect gear to cheer on your team. Foam Sparring Swords are the perfect way to practice full contact martial arts weapon exercises or imaginary swordplay. Two assorted handle styles foam pirate sword is also great for playing as it is much safer than hard plastic. A fantasy foam sword that can be based off of a video game or an adventure film.

A perfect summer toy for all ages!

Each order comes with 2 shields and 2 swords. A fun and simple party favor that is sure to be a hit at any birthday party or event. Perfect for class plays or playing make-believe games that are great for themed events like as stealthy ninjas, scary pirates, brave knights, warriors, and vikings! Makes a fun pastime activity at home or school recess playtime. Swords are designed in yellow, orange, black and blue colors. Shields are decorated with a dragon and lion print in the center as a tradtional emblem crest look.

Soft enough for play battles since the toy swords are made of foam.

This toy foam sword & shield is sturdy enough to have a good time with but soft enough to ensure no one gets hurt. Make a great kids warrior knight halloween costume. A fun and engaging party favor that is will be a hit at any birthday party. A great child toy to have in a toy box and toy chest since it is light weight and take up little space. The one and only active hot toys kids will love and remember.  A fun and engaging party favor when slaying imaginary dragons as a knight that is sure to be a hit at any birthday party.

These toy foam swords are sturdy yet soft enough which makes them child friendly to ensure safety.


  • Shield has a dragon and lion emblem crest design colored in red and grey.
  • Toy foam sword and shield make fun duel during birthday parties or events, the perfect party favor for medieval warriors. 



  • The go to party games child's play activity swimming pool toys.
  • Pair them with sports balls with other novelty toys, pool toys, water guns, and other novelty birthday party favors.



  • Each sword measures at 16" inches in length. Shields measure 11.5" inches x 9.5" inches.
  • Shields come equipped with a Velcro handle in and sword handles are made with a curve shape for more grip.

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