Assorted Colorful Dice in White, Red, Green for Board Games, Activity, Casino Theme, Party Favors, Toy Gifts (18 Pack)

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Get ready for a casual night of competition and fun.

Gather the entire family and friends for fun game nights of dice games with this 100 piece colored dice set. Brings out more fun than your usual dice set card games! Perfect for las vegas decorations theme, novelty gifts, birthday party favors and much more! Bring a creative aesthetic when decorating for a casino or las vegas themed party. Use them as counting chips, plastic pawns pieces, rpg dice, dnd dice set, and as other gaming dice because they are versatile for many genres.

Suitable for a variety of dice games and math games.

The perfect fit for the most played dice games like craps, yahtzee, backgammon, Boggle, monopoly, dungeons and dragons, liars dice. A fun and colorful way to teach numbers and counting to toddlers for early learning. Use these dice during board games, educational games, birthday parties and plenty more. With easy to see dice with clearly marked dots. Add an unexpected special surprise for kids by stuffing them inside treat bags with candy and other treats.

The decoration possibilities of red, white and green colors give you many options.


  • Fit for math learning, casino theme, board games, party favors, and dnd dice.
  • Pair these fun game dice with other novelty toys, DIY art projects, crafts toy accessories, and for many family board games.



  • These kids toys are a fantastic pairing for game day school rewards and prizes for children.
  • You never worry again about misplacing a die or not enough when creative your own games.
  • Get ready for a casual night of competition and fun education.
  • Package includes 18 colorful dice.
  • 6 of each colors of White, Red, and Green with black dots on the white cubes, white dots both red and green cubes.
  • These dice measure 16mm on each side.

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