Silver Metal Shower Curtain Style Hanging Clips (50 Pieces)

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Snap-ring closure metal construction and chrome finish.

No craft box is complete with a highly versatile accessory that goes with various array of creative projects. Curved hangers securely hook the items and do not slide off easily, round corners help protect from scratching. Get the job done when used as plants hangers. Trustworthy silver chrome contoured shower curtains, perfect for a variety of arts & crafts or home decor uses. Curved hangers are the perfect size as they can make a big impact on your projects without detracting any attention you might want elsewhere. Great for DIY jewelry, hanging photos or other documents, clay sculptures, on wood coins, wood tags and other woodcrafts. The perfect addition to your arts & crafts tool box. With an innovative design that is functional, practical and subtle accessory for auto and home keys. This key set is ideal for hanging small flashlights, fobs, phone finder, tags, pliers, and other hand tools. They are useful to have for backyard BBQs for hanging the utensils like tongs, spatulas, and wire brushes.

Great for small businesses when used to hang signs, banners, swatches or booklets.

Silver hook rings designed with a snap-ring closure for easy hanging accessory, securely snaps to close which ensure your items won't fall off. Add one to a pocket knife, ID badge holder, plastic card holders, usb drive and bottle opener. An item that everyone uses, making key chains is great for giving away as gifts or promotional items and for selling as handmade crafts. A compact key holder and keychain organizer is a must have to keep keys safe and manageable at all times. Makes a practical gift for friends and family to have at all times. 

Contoured shower curtain hooks made to last!

Excellent size for hanging small items from photographs in a dark room, documents, art projects for drying wet paint or air drying other objects. Can even be used for suspending foam balls for science projects and dioramas school projects easily and securely.  Great idea for a key ring design, these metal split keychain ring will help make key chains that are sure to impress your family, friends, and customers. This classic design is a great and simple solution to separating your keys when in a rush. A great storage for all types of sized keys with or without key cap covers that.

Perfect for jewelry, suspending documents, photographs and many other items.


  • Durable metal silver wire hooks, molded into contoured shape for easy the suspending of objects.
  • Suitable for kitchenware, spoons, pans, pots, coffee mugs, bags, towels, small plants, gardening tools, clothes and art projects.



  • Easily fits a suction cup (not included!) through these rings, or hang on any wall with a thumb tack or nail.
  • Perfect for jewelry, documents, and art & crafts. A necessary combination for DIY clip lanyards and fashionable jewelry making pieces. 
  • These silver hanging rings measure at 2.75" inches tall x 1.5" inches wide at the widest point.
  • Each package includes a package of 50 silver shower curtain rings.

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