Large Pop-Up Mesh Wire Frame Screen Food Covers (2 Pack)

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Compact nylon mesh cover with inner wiring for durability.

food net cover

Light and easy use with storage and portability in design.

Pop-up mesh food cover tents featuring a galvanized steel wire frame and white semi-transparent mesh material. These handy screen food tents open and lock into place for fast covering of bowls and plates with foods that attract insects. The framework of the food net is made of metal. These food tents are made of nylon mesh, does no harm to food and keeps critters and bugs off your dishes! Mesh food cover is built with sturdy and functional support. Enjoy the party with your family! Collapsible and portable net screen food covers are easy to use and take with you everywhere. Keep your dishes safe from intruding bugs, mosquitoes and falling leaves when camping or while you are enjoying lovely picnics, BBQ grills, campfires or other outdoor cooking activities with friends and loved ones.

To open, just hang on to the cover with one hand while pulling the opening wire.

food covers

These mesh food screen tents are great for any outdoor and indoor lunch or dinner, family picnic, barbecue, potluck or pool party, and especially camping. Simple to spot clean and also hand-washable with quick air-dry time. Portable, foldable size, very easy to use and convenient makes is suitable for travel and active lifestyles. Tight holes on surface of food tent allow the right amount of airflow to prevent food becoming deteriorated. Protecting your next outdoor feast has never been easier, and it makes a great gift for your BBQ-loving friends.

Protecting your next outdoor feast has never been easier and convenient.

picknic, picknic basket

Picnic food covers are easy to use, and works a lot like an umbrella, it will unsnap and collapse with a little force. With simple steps for use. The plastic piece slides into the top base and a knob goes over it to hold it together when opened. To collapse it, you just pull the knob and then pull the plastic piece that is underneath.  They are collapsible so they are easy to open and close to store, having large enough space to cover easily a dinner plate, a salad plate, silverware, and a drink. 

Tight mesh cover net with strong metal framework.

food protection, bbq supplies


  • These food tents are made of nylon mesh.
  • Prevents food waste as it protects and keeps food clean from pests, leaves, pollen, dander, and other debris from trees and plants.


backyard bbq


  • Protect your food items from the elements during a picnic, barbecue, or back-porch dinner. D
  • o not let annoying and unsanitary bugs and insects ruin your outdoor dining and entertaining.


net screen food cover


  • Each mesh screen food tent measures approximately 16" x 16" inches.
  • Accommodates for dishes up to 6" inches tall.
  • You will receive a total of 2 tents in every order.

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