Coffee House Cups 3D Metal Wall Art

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Eye catching metal wall art sculpture that can be used as both modern or rustic wall art.

Metal Iron Wall Medallion, coffee time, Metal wall pediments

Ties together coffee table decorations and other wall decals for a cohesive look.

A beautifully designed home decal home decor. It also looks amazing at coffee shops, breakfast bars, for outdoor seating areas with gardens, plants, flowers and vases and urban furnishing. The possibilities are endless. Effortlessly blends in well with wood, metal and glass fixtures and surfaces to create a wonderful aesthetic. Eye catching metal wall art sculpture that can be used as both modern or rustic wall art. Perfect for any coffee lover or a tea drinker! A creative approach to a coffee decor wall art that perfect for a home kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop, cafe or classic diner. A wall sculpture set that can be arranged n different ways to create a desired look. You can have them lined up, stacked, or used separate in different parts of the house or restaurant. A 3-piece coffee drinkers wall art sculpture to liven up a breakfast nook or coffee spot business.

Great for coffee shops, outdoor seating areas with gardens and urban furnishing.

Wall Art for Homes, antique bronze finish scroll wall hanging door pediment

Designed and colored in bronze brown color on metal with a shiny finish and whimsical curved bistro lettering suited for diners and coffee shops. For bakery shop, cafeteria, lounge room, kitchen wall sticker decor decal decoration. Instead of using posters or prints on walls, make this unique wall sculpture piece the center focused artistic appeal of your kitchen, eating area, breakfast nook or a bed and breakfast spot. The light weight home accents decor will always be trendy and modern as it matches at color scheme and furnishings in any home or business.

A beautifully designed decal home decor.

Set of 3 Coffee Mug Hanging Wall Art Latte Java Mocha Lightweight Metal Home Decor Coffeehouse Cup

Decorative accents that can be used as an abstract wall art, canvas wall decor and vintage wall art with ease do to its clean and intricate design features. Designed with a 3-dimensional perspective look and feel of rounded mugs. Makes the perfect coffee table decor house warming gift that everyone will love. The decorative metal wall decal is made out of lightweight brown painted metal. The metallic bronze earth tones wired wall piece makes them have a rustic and inviting feel. This decal set is removable and prepositional as they are light weight.

The decorative metal wall decal is made out of lightweight brown painted metal.

Interior Decoration, hot coffee shop, Set of 3 Metal Coffee Cups


  • Works great alone, or as a set with other matching coffee wall decor.
  • Wedding gift ideas make this wall art fit any home design.
  • An important accessory for home furnishing living and dining areas.


Decorative Wrought Iron Metal Wall Plaque, Metal Iron Wall Medallion,


  • Included in this package is a 3-piece set with a "Latte", "Java", and "Mocha" mug wall art piece.
  • Accents outdoor furnishings like sofas, chairs and tables from patio furniture and wicker sets.



  • Each drink cup piece measures at 8" inches tall x 5" inches wide.
  • Accent decor blends in easily do to its clean smooth wire lines and intricate design earth colored features on coffee mugs.

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