Black Velvet Ring Trays Accessory (2 Pack)

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Well designed, elegant and a professional aesthetic. Light weight and easy to carry around.

Find your jewelry accessories instantly and put your look together quickly in the morning. It makes your dress room and make up table look beautiful with its gorgeous black color and clear glass top. Easy stores in place inside a drawer, dresser organizer for your bedroom, in your closet or behind class at a jewelry bussines. Sleek and durable design that protects your jewelry from scratches and abrasions so that they always remain ready to wear. When in need to organize and professional display expensive rings and earrings, this jewelry organizer case is the answer. Clean smooth velvet lined, sleek, innovatively designed jewelry box case. The jewelry display is great for personal use at home, and perfect for a counter top jewelry display case in stores or trade shows. It is ideal for personal and commercial use.

Your everyday attire routine will save you time by having this jewelry tray organizer a must have.

Soft light weight foam trays covered in a luxurious black velvet material makes  for the best presentation when showcasing your variety of beautiful rings! Professionaly aligns and stores finger rings and makes them easy to select when needed. The horizonatal rows help prive plenty of space for all your jelwery collection and makes it a must for a jelwery store where customers can easily see the displayed merchandise. Makes it simple to divide rings of certains colors, shapes and sizes at your business. The ring tray is also perfect for storing earrings such as studs and dangles.

Practical and essential business item for retail stores, jewelry and watch retailers.

The deep black velvet material helps you easily see and select bright colored jewelry because it contrasts the light and dark. With its soft foam-like inner velvet material, the valuable items will not scratch but will remain clean and show room ready. With there small size which makes them a must have business item to have a conession stand conventions as it does not weight much, yet conveniently holds more than it appears. With 5 continuous ring pads to organize and display your ring collection in one convenient location and protect them from scratches.


Foam trays covered in a luxurious black velvet material for the best presentation when storing or showcasing your rings!


  • Each black velvet ring tray contains 4 rows that measure 5.5" inches wide each.
  • Every order comes with 2 black velvet ring trays.



  • Featuring a smooth black velvet material, these soft jewelry display trays are perfect for showing off your rings and other small accessories.



  • Measuring at 5.5" x 3.25" inches.
  • These black velvet ring trays are sure to help you organize your jewelry collection without taking up much space.

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