2 x 3 Inch Unscented White Pillar Candles for Weddings, Home Decoration, Relaxation, Smokeless Cotton Wick. Set of 6

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Essential for a baby shower decorations, shower favors, and wedding centerpiece candles.

Frequently used as wedding candles, party favors, emergency light for power outages, aromatherapy, art and crafts, and romantic candles for that outdoor patio ambiance. Because of its extended burn-time, candles can be re-used numerous times.  Essential for a baby shower decorations for girl, baby shower favors, wedding centerpiece candles, and much more! Smooth, clean and bright wax make them a great looking natural colored candle. Have them ready as emergency candles as an easy to reach solution for your home. 

Used in floral arrangements, basic floral design, home decor and the wedding planning industry.

With a burn time of approximately 20 hours and cylinder shape for efficient burning, you can make sure this yankee candle will hold up through the duration of your event. Widely applied to Birthdays, Christmas decorations, home decorations, baby shower centerpieces, hotel spa candles, and even as religious candles. White candle set to add romance by placing these white candles around your hot tub or warm bubble bath. Turn them into a christmas candle by coloring them red with paint or glitter and using them as a holiday candle centerpiece.

Used by home decorators and interior design to event planners.


  • Create a pleasant accent arrangement by grouping a few pillar candles together for any table setting.
  • From home decorators, to event planners, these versatile pillar style candle sticks are a ideal.



  • Used in Birthday decorations, Halloween haunted house props, Christmas decorations, baby shower centerpieces and hotel spa candles.
  • Lead-free cotton wicks make this a safe candle for any home!
  • Each candle measures 2" inches wide x 3" inches tall.
  • Packaged in a set of 6.
  • With its drip less and smokeless wax feature, these unscented candles burn cleanly.

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