2.5'' Clear Glass Votive Candle Holders (12 Pack)

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See all your fine work through the clear glass candle holder, as opposed to mercury glass candle holders.

Mercury Glass Tealight Candle Holder Set, Clear Decorative Glass Home Decor, Bathroom Lighting

Enhance any event with its warm light and bring upon a sense of harmony and romance.

A compact set of mini candle holders. Whether you are looking for wedding decorations or simple home decorations, these votive candle holders are the perfect tool to get you started. Simply provide the candle and set it inside one of these simple yet elegant cup holder. After, you have decorations all set with you votive candle holders, yankee candle accessories, and tealight candles! The clear design also makes them ready for DIY design. Simply place your candles on a flat surface and start decorating them with paint, glue, stickers, markers and much more. If you are a creative home decorator or an event planner for weddings and baby showers, this set of high quality traditional candle holders are a must have in your arsenal.

Works with regular candles such as tealight candles, yankee candles, and votive candles.

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Thanks to the sturdy build of these candle holders, you can work with your candle making kit and candle making supplies to fill these candle holders with your favorite candles. Also works with flame less tea lights, electric candles, and any small mini candle that can fit inside this mini glass cup candle holder set. Made using the highest quality glass to not only enhance its appearance but also to prevent it from overheating or cracking. Also used to mix up different sizes for centerpieces that will add the perfect touch to your next dinner party.

An essential for table centerpieces for weddings.

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This clear glass cup set is mini in size but perfect for candle making and adding to your bag of candle making supplies. Unlike mercury glass candle holders, these votive candle holder are clear glass which also make them perfect yankee candle accessories. Commonly used as party favors, wedding centerpieces, emergency lights for power outages, aromatherapy, outdoor patio ambiance, and on restaurant tables. Create a pleasant accent arrangement by grouping a few pillar candles together for any table setting.

These clease glass candle holders make perfect votive candle holders.

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  • Fits a compact sized votive candle, yankee candle, tealight candles, and more! 
  • Keep out of reach of children pets and away from flammable materials.


Tealight Holder Clear, valentines day decorations, sweet 16 decorations, quinceanera decorations


  • Comes in a pack of 12 glass votive candle holders.
  • Add romance by placing white candles inside the glass candle holders around your hot tub or warm bubble bath.


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  • Each candle holder measures 2" inches in diameter and 2.5" inches in height. 
  • Please Note: Candles Not Included

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