Mini Glass Bottles Cork Tops for Camping Project, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Stranded Island Message, Wedding Wish, Party Favors (10 Pack)

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No craft box is complete with a highly versatile accessory that goes with various array of creative projects.

These glass bottles with cork can be used for a variety of tasks, crafts, and for favors at showers and parties. Add a bit of sand and a shell or two for a beach themed wedding favor. Fill with fine colored sand, glitter for fairy dust like look or fill with tiny candy for baby shower favors, sand from a special vacation or a hidden message corked inside. Can fill with the aroma of potpourri, jelly beans, acrylic rocks & gemstones, dried flower petals, decorate with ribbons, or simply fill with candy. DIY as necklace pendants, perfume bottles, also suitable for message in a bottle gift to friends. Ideal use as a message bottle, perfume samples, wedding favors, wedding decorations, steampunk accessories, art snippets, photos, wrapping paper, postcard, magazine clipping, laser-printed messages or other paper items. Also hang on small objects with eye screws to use as mini corked bottle charms.

These glass bottles with cork can be used for a variety projects.

Cute glass bottles can be used in a variety of styles or designs. Create a romantic atmosphere with a vintage appeal with these mini glass bottles for your wedding and party decor. These cork and bottle capsules have endless arts and crafts possibilities. Whether you are making DIY homemade lip balm using organic lotions with honey, shea butter, glitter, peppermint & coconut oil, or with pure essential oils, these glass tube jars will show their unique vivid colors and textures for an eye catching product.

Decorate with ribbons, or simply fill with candy.

Makes the perfect container to be used as small vials, message bottle, for samples, scrap-booking, blood vials, wedding favors, wedding decorations, storage accessories, or to hold tiny trinkets. Pairs well with wood and neutral colors for a rustic themed wedding or other birthday party ideas for girls. Clear tiny glass vessels with corks for DIY for necklace pendants, perfume bottles and also suitable for baby shower decorations and baby shower favors. Makes an excellent cupcake and cookie decorator accessory by filling them with different colored sprinkles and sugars for kids to customize their own treat during the holidays.

DIY as necklace pendants, perfume bottles, also suitable for message in a bottle.


  • Add a bit of beach sand, glitter and sea shells to create a beach themed wedding favor for guests.
  • These mini treasure bottles with cork stoppers for interchangeable pendant art pieces.



  • A set of multi-purpose cork jars can be filled with potpourri, acrylic ice rocks,faux gemstones, decorate with ribbon, twine, or simply fill with miniature candy, or classic message in a bottle.
  • Includes 10 miniature glass bottles. Each measuring at approximately 1.5" inches tall.
  • Measures 1.75" inches total with cork.
  • Bottle opening on top measures 6mm.
  • (Please note: Candy is NOT included!)

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