30 LED Battery Operated Fairy String Lights, 158-Inch

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These fairy lights are perfect for brighten-up your decor.

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Use as outdoor string lights that can be arranged around plants, furniture, doors, windows, staircases, a balcony, and patio umbrellas. Celebrate the New Year, Birthdays, Christmas and special holidays with these party string lights. This is versatile enough to create DIY table lights like warm white wine bottle cork lights. Use any empty clear bottles like mason jars and liquor bottles. Use it as a bedroom night light for a subtle warm glow. Make them into a Christmas bulb necklace as well as a single strand down the center of a conventional event table that you can camouflage it in a variety of projects with ease.

Great for seasonal winter decorations.

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It features a small and easy to hide battery compartment. No need to find an outlet, simply switch them on and enjoy these amazing fairy lights. Great for use in a restaurant, bars or a small business. Light up and liven up any living space in creative ways. Have fun with portable led string lights that you can wrap around a tiny plant or bush so it illuminates a beautiful aesthetic at night. Use them over a mantel or chimney during the holidays to and make it resemble clear icicle lights for a winter decoration. Twinkle lights with dazzle your holiday tree, bedroom or used as a nightlight.

Set the mood for thanks giving & Halloween parties or as white christmas lights.


  • Length of fairy light strings work well when placing them as a single strand down the center of a event table.
  • Put together a DIY reflective mirror disco ball with its thin and delicate wire design.



  • Add to window frames, walls, mirrors, doors, and out door pillars and around trees when celebrating outdoors.
  • Also great for kids crafts, school art projects, holiday ornaments and seasonal decor.


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  • Package arrives with 1 string featuring 30 white LED bulbs.
  • String light measures at 158" inches in length (3.5m) not including battery compartment.
  • Powered using 3 x AA batteries (not included).

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