Retro Diner Food Server Soda Jerk Paper Hats (6 Pack)

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A Staple In Early 1950s Diner Culture!

The perfect cooking class item for students to have.

They are disposable but reusable, so there is no need to worry of washing or lengthy clean up. Use together with kids aprons and be versatile for art classes, for Halloween costumes, theater props, birthday party favors and cute event decorations for a themed party. A very well known accessory in 1950s fashion, these novelty retro kitchen style paper hats are essential for any food serving job. Whether a hot dog vendor or a carnival snack worker, a fast food employee or a classic diner restaurant cook, these novelty hats add a bit of a professional touch to every setting. Known as a soda jerker hat, as those that wore these in the 1950s diners would mostly be found serving soda and ice cream near the soda machine or soda fountain at the soda shop. Use these paper hats at retro diners and food cart vendors. Not only for professional use, but these novelty restaurant hats are also perfect party favors for anyone that enjoys birthday party hats!

1950s diner style that is perfect when serving soda and ice cream.

Whether you are in need of some birthday party hats, looking for restaurant equipment for your new 1950s retro style diner, or just want a costume accessory for helping out at the soda shop, these white retro style caps are the perfect solution. For fast food and diner decor alike, these paper hats will make anyone feel like they're back in 1950. Designed with a painted red line trim on a plain white paper hat. Can be colored using crayons or colored pencils for fun art projects before cooking.

Also a staple for any hot dog vendor and the traditional soda jerker at your local diner.

A very classic and novelty hat design, similar to sailor hats in the way they open and allow an adjustable fit. A perfect addition to some retro diner accessories and restaurant supplies. Also a staple for any hot dog vendor and the traditional soda jerker at your local diner. Use as catering equipment as they can cut down on laundry costs by using these disposable chef hats and outfit your kitchen staff in professional attire for safety and sanitation. This master of chef hat makes a great disposable apparel that is perfect for parties, church groups, pre-schools, and day-cares!

Designed with a painted red line trim on a plain white paper hat.


  • Made out of a durable white paper material, these novelty server paper hats are sure to hold up throughout your entire birthday party or business hours at your retro style 1950s diner restaurant.



  • Make excellent play chef hats when in the kitchen with parents when baking cookies, preparing meals and decorating foods.
  • White paper chefs hats are perfect for children who are learning to cook.



  • Each one of these soda jerker retro style hats is "one size fits most" and is adjustable for different sized heads.
  • Comes in a pack of 6 retro style novelty soda jerk caps!

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