3 1/4" Square Glass 3oz Jar with Hinge Glass Lid (4 Pack)

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Classic shaped hinged lid jars with silver metal air tight locking gasket.

Fill with fine colored sand, glitter for fairy dust or fill with tiny candy for baby shower favors.

Add a bit of sand and a shell or two for a neat beach themed wedding favor with these small wide mouth mason jars. The mason jar theme continues when you strategically place hinged mason jars, filled with chocolates, mints, and other sweet or savory treats around your reception area. Suitable for baby shower decorations and baby shower favors. Use as treasure bottles with cork stoppers for interchangeable pendant art pieces, message in a bottle charms, keepsake charms, and much more. Wide mouth mason jar set is the perfect way to add some rustic vintage charm to your event! Clear mason jar canisters make the perfect container to be used as a message bottle, for samples, scrap-booking, wedding favors, wedding decorations, or to hold tiny trinkets. Small glass jars with locking canister style lids are versatile and reusable.

Suitable for baby shower decorations and baby shower favors.

Classic apothecary jars shaped with a hinged lid jar with silver metal air tight locking gasket. With all sides flat sides the jar and both front/back of the lid are perfectly fit for applying labels of your choice. With many uses than just in the kitchen, they are the perfect size for items such bathroom bath salts, paper clips for the office desk, or glitter for arts and crafts school projects. Fill them with colored candies of blue, pink or yellow for a fun gender reveal party.

Perfect way to add some rustic vintage charm to your event!

Pairs well with wood and neutral colors for a rustic themed wedding or a birthday party decor. For a more rustic vintage look, you can add sand to the jars before placing tea light candles inside and tie a piece of twin to finish the accent. Clear squared bottle capsules have endless art and crafts possibilities. Light up the outdoor evening by lighting up tea candles in these mason jars surrounded by floral arrangements and tied with silk ribbons to match the desired color aesthetic.

Makes an elegant party favor candy jar for guests.


  • Clear hinged jars make it easy to show homemade organic product samples to clients.
  • Professions in your beauty shop, massage and hair salon, aromatherapy and alternative medicine practice.



  • Fill it with herbs and spices for a modern storage and easy to see seasonings when cooking and baking.
  • Designed to save space but also keep the contents fresh and easily visible for convenience.
  • Each jar measures 3 1/4" inches tall and holds approximately 3oz.
  • Each order comes in a package of 4 square glass jars.
  • Use them as canning jars for jams, syrups and fruits.

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